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Portal Revenues October 18, 2002

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MSN had a solid quarter, as did Yahoo!
WSJ.com – Microsoft Net Doubles As Sales Rise by 26%

WSJ.com – Yahoo’s Refocus on Searches Paid Off in Its Latest Results

Back of the envelope estimates suggest that if you strip out MSN’s access business, what’s left over is just a little behind Yahoo!’s apples-to-apples Qly revenue. AOL has been posting ad and marketing results in the $400M range lately, which is less than two times Yahoo!’s or MSN’s business. (Back in 2001, AOL could get $600-$700M per quarter.) AOL has three and a half times more subscribers than MSN, and its share of digital media time is three times that of MSN or Yahoo!. Its marketing revenues should reflect that, but don’t. They did in back in ’01. See: Jupiter Metrics: Audience and Programming, 3Q 2002

And PS, that Journal headline on the Yahoo! quarter is plain dumb. Paid search was a big reason for the good quarter, but even more impressive were Yahoo!’s revenues from services fees, including HotJobs but also consumer and business paid services. Yahoo! may be re-focusing on search, but it’s not moving away from being a full-service portal – as the Journal story implies – nor should it be.

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