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Mooning Suckers January 12, 2004

Posted by David Card in Uncategorized.

I’m thinking that this is Where the Suckers Moon all over again.

Subaru is tweaking some parts of the Outback sedan and wagon this year to meet the specifications of a light truck, the same regulatory category used by pickups and sport utilities. Why? Largely to avoid tougher fuel economy and air pollution standards for cars.

…Subaru’s strategy highlights what environmentalists, consumer groups and some politicians say is a loophole in the fuel economy regulations that has undermined the government’s ability to actually cut gas consumption. The average fuel economy for new vehicles is lower now than it was two decades ago, despite advances in fuel-saving technology.

“This is a new low for the auto industry, and it would make George Orwell proud,” said Daniel Becker, a global warming expert at the Sierra Club.

As I recall, Subarus are extremely popular with the crunchy granola set. Those folks that avoid SUVs because they’re conspicuous in their consumption. I can’t wait to see Subaru try to spin this to them. Colossally stupid.

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