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What Google Should Do Next May 23, 2004

Posted by David Card in Digital Home & Personal Tech.

Try this on for size. This should be Google’s next consumer service. Call it MyGweb or GFiles or something.

The Google Toolbar would have a Save As button. You’d click it, and the page you were on would be saved into your gigabyte (I guess it’s not terabyte ) of online storage. You could apply labels to the page, a la Gmail. This file would be quite complementary to Gmail, Blogger, and Groups.

Conceivably, there are copyright issues, but if it’s personal storage, there shouldn’t be.

I’m still figuring out whether I like Gmail’s labels better than folders. I think I still prefer folders, but that may be because I’m used to them. Folders let the user create hierarchical taxonomies. (Google doesn’t like taxonomies or hierarchies, at least not for the user to see. Except in News.) On the other hand, labels let you apply multiple categories to the same document. The only way I’ve been able to re-create that effect in my personal filing system is by creating different folders full of aliases. That’s an inelegant solution, at best.

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