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Comcast Sports Net? July 27, 2005

Posted by David Card in Media.

Comcast may be thinking about launching an ESPN competitor. While Comcast owns some regional sports cable nets already, and there is a small package of NFL games still on the table, it would be almost impossible to challenge ESPN soon with a national, major-sport approach. Still, there might be some wildcards:

– On-demand everything
– Aggregating up a bunch of regional nets, focused on college and minor leagues
– Giving a big piece of the network to one of the major leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB)
– The FCC mandating a la carte cable packaging

I disagree with this:

    Comcast “may be the one company in the country that can put together a viable competitor to ESPN,” says Marc Ganis, a sports-franchise consultant who has worked with the NFL and NHL.

Fox is better positioned, with DirecTV and regional sports. Finally, I have to say sadly – my shallow Canadian roots showing – hockey won’t cut it.

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