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Now That’s Spinning December 20, 2005

Posted by David Card in Media.

Chicago Sun-Times editor John Barron spins quite a tale upon closing down its youth tabloid:

    But Barron said Red Streak was purely a defensive move to prevent the Tribune from encroaching on the Sun-Times’ readership, which he said is younger and more urban.

    “The Tribune was going after our demographics, and we weren’t going to let them do that without a fight,” Barron said. “The plot line for Red Streak from the start was to confuse the marketplace and not allow the Tribune to set up a successful paid-circulation tabloid.”

    When the Tribune dropped its 25-cent charge for RedEye on Oct. 3 and began offering it free, the Sun-Times viewed it as validation of the strategy, Barron said.

    “I hate to say mission accomplished … but mission accomplished,” Barron said.

Amazingly, both papers initially launched without web strategies.

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