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Rats and Sinking Ships? December 23, 2005

Posted by David Card in Media.

Uh oh. I’m hoping that NBC Universal’s plans to eventually own MSNBC — without Microsoft — won’t have a negative impact on MSNBC.com. The cable net is pretty much a flop, but the news site is an online leader. Say it: One brand, all channels. It’s a mantra.

The folks at MSNBC are saying the right things:

    Executives of both Microsoft and NBC said they remain committed to the success of the Web site, which will not be affected by the shift in the cable side of the joint venture, according to Charlie Tillinghast, president of MSNBC.com.

    “Itís business as usual” for MSNBC.com, he said in an interview. “In case anyone wondered whether one or both partners were fully committed to the venture, the fact that this agreement has been reaffirmed should dispel any of those perceptions.”

And of course, I’m usually the guy that says there are very few things that ownership can do that a good partnership can’t.

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