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Not My Network TV, Anyway February 22, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

My first reaction was the obvious one: A broadcast network…of American telenovelas…on 10 stations?? That’s, uh, different. (This — MY Network TV, that is — is to fill the 10 Fox owned-and-operated stations jilted by the WB-UPN merger.) But then I read:

    “What we’re trying to do is create a network of stations and run them in a way that feels like a true alternative for the 21st century consumer,” (News Corp. prez Peter) Chernin said. “The whole feel of My Network TV will be different than anything else that’s on broadcast television today.”

    Instead of offering a complicated checkerboard of programming with different shows every night, My Network TV will show the same programs every night, offering a menu of sex-saturated, soapy dramas. Each will run every weekday night for 13 weeks, with shows recapping the week’s events airing on Saturdays.

There will be reality shows about supermodels and romance with celebrities. Hmm, this actually is sorta different. Lowbrow strip TV in primetime. For women? Or some heinous Fox notion of women? Worse yet, low-income women? Gawd forbid it’s ironic, and really aimed at 18-24s. But wait, indeed, MySpace was mentioned during the press conference, and there’s no other possible reason for a non-demand network to use My in its brand. Oh no.

But yeah, it really is different. Might be fun. Way more fun than a CNBC competitor carried on only 10 stations. That’s what many were expecting Fox News head Roger Ailes, who also chairs the station group, to do.

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