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Ads on iTunes? Mother of Mercy, Is this the End of Apple? April 27, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

How’d I miss this? If this is true, it’s huge. Ad Age claims “content partners” are saying Apple will host graphical ads during streamed audio podcasts. Well, it will be huge. Isn’t yet. This seems to be starting tiny, and Apple hasn’t the first idea how to sell ads. You can be sure there’s nary an official peep from Infinite Loop. C’mon, guys, spill.

Heck, maybe they’ll be smart enough someday to accept payola marketing spiffs from music promoters. (That’s “spiff,” Steve, not “spliff.”) I’m serious. Monster missed opportunity, and ultimately good for fans and for artists.

Gary thinks it could be consumer-confusing, but that it’s time to start the debate. What’s confusing? Consumers pay for ESPN and their daily newspaper and see plenty of ads. Sheesh, there’s even advertising on satellite radio. And been to a movie theater lately? In fact, either/or is the exception nowadays, not the rule, in consumer media and entertainment.

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