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Creative Futures at the Beeb April 27, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Why do the Economist and the Financial Times think the BBC’s grand scheme to reinvent itself editorially for the digital world — dubbed Creative Future — is only about the online? Is that what they want to think? The Guardian seems to get it.

Go ahead and wade thru the speech — it’s worth it. The gist:

– Create all programming for cross-platform on-demand usage. Check.
– Organize around genres, not media. That is, music is all in one place whether it’s radio, music videos, online. Ditto sports, news, etc. Check, although I hope there’s a way to layer audience type over the genres.
– In drama: fewer titles with longer runs. Interesting. Big, writer-centric franchises make sense, but I’ve been thinking that US TV might be headed more towards short-run mini-seasons….
– Launch new brand (?) for teens. Whatever that means. It may not mean much, since the Beeb seems to want to retain some educational component for its teen programming. Maybe that’s what you have to say when you get ₤131 per year per TV set from the public.
– Do all sorts of metadata and taxonomy stuff so “content” is findable. While this may be laudable — even necessary for video and audio — I sure hope the Beeb is relying on off-the-shelf tech for it.
– Enable consumer-created content. Yes, well, one has to. I don’t see much that sounds promising on this front in the speech. (“Eyewitness” calendar so everyone can tell the story of a day. Ugh.)

Tip of the hat to Rafat at paidContent for some of the links.

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