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Sunny Seattle? May 1, 2006

Posted by David Card in Digital Home & Personal Tech.

I’m in sunny Seattle (no lie! it’s gorgeous) for MSN’s Strategic (ad) Accounts Summit, and by golly, there’s a whiff of Microsoft in the air. Cuts thru the Starbucks.

– Michael rightly mocks Google for whining about search toolbars in the new beta of Internet Explorer. Heck, Google is pre-loaded. So what if last we checked, about 50% of online adults never change their home page? If tying bundling worked, Yahoo and Google wouldn’t lead their categories, now would they?

– Yahoo Tech launches, and one of its first blog pieces discovers Firefox! I like the idea of Yahoo Tech, which fills a glaring hole in Yahoo’s lineup: consumer electronics shopping guide slash tech section that mixes professional and consumer content, with a dose of interactive elements and Consumer Reports. And Yahoo hasn’t forgotten that women buy electronics, too.

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