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Why (Some Sections) of the NYTimes Are No Longer Must-Read, Part XXIII May 2, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Could Stuart Elliott just please take the next buy-out offer? Irony-free story detailing the “My” branding trend. This stands unchallenged and unexplored:

    “Brands are becoming more personalized and customized because consumers want brands on their terms,” said Allen Adamson, managing director at the New York office of Landor Associates, a corporate identity consulting company owned by the WPP Group…But the trend carries a big risk, Mr. Adamson warned.

    “The demand for customization and personalization is a moving target,” he said. “If you’re unable to deliver, if what you offer is really no different from everybody else, the claims will do more damage than good.”

And everybody knows “360” is the new, overplayed, mostly meaningless meme. I mean, Yahoo 360 & Xbox 360 are one thing, but Anderson Cooper?

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