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Jottings from MSN’s Strategic Account Summit May 3, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

From the stage of MSN’s advertising customer event, Sir Ken Robinson, our designated inspirational speaker, asked the audience how many had MySpace pages. By his count, fewer than 10% said yes. Meet New Media, it’s the same as old media.

MSN’s S&M veep Joanne Bradford piped in: MySpace runs on .Net, and BillG’s page got taken down because the editors thought it was a fake. Gayle Troberman, MSN’s director of Branded Entertainment, says “innovate but don’t go crazy,” which I translate to mean, let the customer speak, but only promote the good stuff. I can’t disagree too much with that one.

Most of the name-brand advertisers I’m talking to are still too scared to advertise on MySpace, though the big buzzphrase is “engaging with your audience via user-generated content.” Yeah, right.

On the other hand, Sir Martin of WPP — what’s with all the Brits? oh right, it’s advertising — says Americanization is over, and he’s going to invest in China and India. The US too, because its economy is growing, but Europe, forget it. Plus there’s all those gov’t regulations. Yeah, in Western Europe, apparently that’s not a problem in China.

But at least Sir Martin thinks measurement is important, while Rishad Tobaccowala says “good marketers just know,” and Dan Wieden says numbers make you fear risk and “perfect a mediocre idea.” I always say there’s a healthy creative tension when branders and direct marketers clash, er, meet.

How is Be Jane an MSN Original if it’s been around since 2003. And of course they’re named Eden and Heidi.

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