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Keeping Score: Big Portal Q1 Ad Growth May 3, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

On the road still, so didn’t listen to the Time Warner earnings call. I’ll try to do that and post industry highlights soon. If you’re keeping score:

Worldwide Internet Advertising Q1 Growth Year to Year (ex-TAC)
Google – 93%
Yahoo – 34%
AOL – 26%
MSN – 7%

The Journal’s spreading rumors of a Microsoft-Yahoo tie-up. But it says there are two camps. The pro deal group is Hank Vigil, who failed to pull off an AOL deal previously. (As I predicted. The failure, that is.)

Yahoo uses tons of Microsoft technology already, and used to sell search ads for it. But Microsoft has been spending a boatload on search and building a new ad platform, and the audience overlap would be huge.

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