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Busted! May 5, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Phillip Swann takes us to task for hyping a worst-case scenario on ad-skipping by DVR users. It’s called marketing, Swannee.

But he makes some good points. And I concede our report is more cautious than our press release.

But let me correct a possible mis-impression. We did ask about how frequently the DVR users skip commercials. Of online adults who subscribe to a DVR service, or who have their PCs set up as DVRs:

– 8% skip ads “occasionally”
– 38% skip ads “most of the time”
– 12% don’t watch any ads any more

Those figures are all slightly higher for those who watch an above-average amount of TV (the opposite of early adopters), and for the PC-DVR crowd (definitely early adopters). All figures are self-reported, of course. Yeah, they’re scary.

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