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Jeff Zucker Tries to Re-Invent Broadcast TV Online May 15, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

According to the Journal, NBC wants to tie together its Internet channels with its own media player, all the better to sell ads across the network. I suppose. Funny how the portals don’t have to do that.

Regular readers know I totally believe an online network could play a role similar to that of a broadcast TV network: show promotion, ad sales across shows, audience aggregation & segmentation, funding content creation. I just doubt any of the current broadcast nets have the wherewithal. That’s what Yahoo, AOL, and MSN do. And maybe Google. Content — which the broadcast nets don’t own much of anyway — ain’t king. Audience is.

    NBC Universal, a unit of General Electric Co., said it also will launch a new video player on all of the company’s Web properties, including the sites of its local stations, Bravo, Sci-Fi and USA networks and the female-oriented online venture iVillage Inc.

    The video player will make it easier for NBC Universal to sell ad packages spanning all of its sites — a key part of the company’s ad-sales strategy and overall effort to create a brand online.

    “We’re seeing the power of the Web to capture TV fans and extend the television experience,” said Jeff Zucker, chief executive of the NBC Universal Television Group.

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