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Fun with Personal Recommendations May 18, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Since I’m in NoCal, and an alleged music industry analyst, I’ll plug a local band and engage in some Fun with Napster Links:

It’s Tragic

This took about 30 seconds. Believe me, I’m no HTML jock — this is just as easy as MySpace. I could paste it into my MySpace page, too, if I had the notion. But I get more traffic here.

Personal recommendations rule in music discovery; second only to radio and music videos on TV. Even for music discoverers. (Report on how to use community sites for music marketing is here.)

UPDATED: Hmmm…I thought anyone who clicked on that link would get a 30 second clip, without having to sign in. That’s the way it ought to work. If you register and sign in — which doesn’t cost you a credit card, just an e-mail address — you can listen to the whole song. (Up to five times.) Go ahead, register, it’s fun.

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