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Late Update on Sign o’ the Times May 22, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Okay, at least one analyst out West saw The Da Vinci Code this weekend (we all read it), and gave it a modest thumbs up. Oh, and yeah, some of the folks that raced home for 24 do have Tivos. This is Event TV, folks. Real-time viewing.

It was worth it. The first quarter of the 2-hour show was just possibly the best 20 minutes of TV ever. Though I remember a former Jup media analyst describing a first season Survivor ep — the one where they viewed support videos from home and Jenna the hardcase’s family didn’t show and she cried — as the best 60 minutes of TV ever. And he was right. Better even than that season’s finale, which was pretty darn good. (The “rats and snakes” speech.)

Mmmmmmm, broadcast teevee. Won’t you miss it when it’s all consumer-paid on-demand….

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