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Earth to Amazon: Where’s Fishbowl? June 1, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Okay, it’s getting towards 4PM eastern, and Amazon still isn’t promoting its scheduled talkshow cum product promo vehicle “Amazon Fishbowl with Bill Maher” that debuts tonight at 11PM eastern, just like a real talk show, on the front page. That’s not very network-like. Of course, being a media network with only one show isn’t very network-like either.

But Amazon is acting like this weird hybrid of a network, a studio, and a retailer with really interesting content that sells products.

– The previews of the show I’ve seen are slick, and entertaining
– It’s scheduled, appointment viewing programming (new eps every week, half-hour linear runtime, later available on-demand)
– It’s got a sponsor — UPS — that isn’t directly related to the show’s subjects (which of course, could be great promotions a la Oprah’s book club or just about anything on E! or Leno’s lead guest)
– It’s not very interactive at all. For great interactive, online video promotional content check out Unilever’s Kitchen of Love. It’s short, it’s e-mailable, it’s funny, etc.

I love the idea of Fishbowl. I expect more people will see it in the midst of shopping than “live,” but that’s true for most Internet appointment programming. Live8, the live birth, Victoria’s Secrets, etc. usually get 4/5 of their traffic after the “event.”

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