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Career-Limiting Move Number LII June 28, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Okay. This is a little risky. I’ve been pretty darn low-value-add on my last few posts. That is, minimal analysis (and marketing value), and maximum snark. But I can’t resist. I have to continue. Fire me.

This is what happens when MSM (ESPN) hires a fanboy blogger (Bill Simmons) and makes him an online star. I often like Simmons’ Sportsguy columns, though his schtick is getting pretty tired. (And he got fired as a comedy writer from — gasp — the Jimmy Kimmel show. That must be some kind of a record.)

Simmons himself admits that he writes as a fan, not as a sports “journalist.” And goodness knows, there may be enough GenXer sports fans out there to justify his existence. But this does not.

This is what happens when you let fanboys pretend to be art critics. Or pop culture critics, for that matter:

    Here’s the famous scene described in my recent Nomar/Pedro column (the one with Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight”). Two great things about this one: First, it still holds up — even now — and “Vice” is about as dated as it gets. Second, up until that point, there had never been anything on TV even remotely resembling that scene. Remember, this was the same era when A) they were still freezing people’s faces mid-laugh during the opening credits of any sitcom; and B) nobody realized that you could use music to accentuate dramatic TV scenes. So this was like watching Bill Russell block someone’s running hook shot in the mid-’50s for the first time.

Watch it. I like Michael Mann. He’s turned into a good director. This Miami Vice scene indeed was fresh at the time. But anyone who thinks this is still cool is, umm, misguided. For pete’s sake, it’s PHIL COLLINS! And saying this is cool is begging questions about one’s, umm, manhood. Boy, Don Johnson was pretty back then. In Simmons-speak, Simmons thinking this is cool rates fairly high on the Unintentional Comedy Scale.

And yes, this Journey vid captures the music scene in the 80s. At least the scene for the hopelessly clueless sports fanboy nerds who weren’t actually listening to anything good in the 80s. Yeah, I’m sensitive.

On the other hand: for Sawx fans everywhere, these are definitely great vids.

And yeah, ESPN’s not so dumb. I spent a half hour on this. And am linking to it. Not that they need the traffic.

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