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Liking the Slate Redesign – A Lot June 28, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Slate‘s ten years old. It’s always been one of my favorite web zines. I even paid for it once. Its redesign pretty much rocks.

– I don’t like widescreen, but I’m in the minority. The bigger fonts look great on my widescreen Mac at home.
– Pull out menus work much more effectively, and they work on Macs and on Firefox. Death to ActiveX.
– Still a good mix of promotion (via graphics, typefaces, and clever headlines, as we all learned back in the day) and calendarized posts. “Briefing” up high is brilliant.
– Slate does “most blogged” right — take that, NY Times — and actually links to Technorati so you can see the related posts.

Minor quibbles:

– Inside, on article pages, it’s still all editorial promotions and virtually no contextual relevance. Boo, hiss. I’m for a mix.
– Search still stinks.
– Pretty minimal acknowledgement of the modern “Website, deconstruct thyself” mantra. (See Fig 10.) Get on it, guys.

I miss the old logo. But my mousepad’s eBay collector’s value just went up.

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