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Party Like It’s — Oops, Maybe Not July 12, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Heh. TechCrunch reported:

    San Francisco based social network Bebo, which recently raised $15 million from Benchmark Capital, rejected a Ł300 million ($552 million) acquisition offer from British Telecom Group “a few weeks ago”, according to an insider on the transaction. Bebo’s asking price? North of $1 billion.

Of course, apparently the rumor is a lie. By the way, according to comScore, Bebo’s getting 1.7M visitors a month lately, and a whopping billion page views (at least in June — a suspiciously huge increase over prior months). MySpace gets 50M visitors, and 30 billion pages. Now if only someone could make money off these things…(Regular readers know I’m something of a MySpace fan.)

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