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Playing the Best Brand Game July 13, 2006

Posted by David Card in Marketing.

We were playing the Harris Interactive best brand game at Jup NYC this afternoon. With a criterion like “best,” it’s tough to zero in on your favorite brands. I tend to be a Brand Loyalist (see ancient history Jup research). I find what I like; I stick to it; I’d buy other products under the same brand; I’m willing to pay a little extra. Classic grumpy old man.

“Best” is tough, so let’s force the issue, and say “best” means “I’d buy multiple products/categories from the same brand, even at a premium.” There are a bunch of bands, directors, and authors that would make me try anything they did, but that’s just one product type. I have some faves in booze and beer, but I wouldn’t necessarily trust a Lagavulin shortbread.

I was trying hard to think of a media brand, but I just couldn’t. No record labels or publishers are completely reliable. Nor should they be; hits are tough — the “publishers” oughtta take risks. No TV network, except maybe Nick or PBS. On second thought, since Antiques Roadshow, maybe not. There are only two comic book brands that matter, and I like ’em both, so forget that. So no media “best brands” for me.

So if I were to pick my three “best” brands, I’d have to say:

– Gillette
– Apple
– and a toss-up between Kraft and Brooks Brothers, with Amazon in the running

How boring am I?

You saw Joe’s picks earlier. Apparently, Emily goes for J.Crew (didn’t catch her other choices). Andrew favors Sony, Apple, and Banana Republic. Vikram says Amex (come on, that’s one product — you don’t use their travel services do you?), eBay, and BMW. Nobody said Google or Yahoo. Yet.

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