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Who Needs Millennials? Let’s Re-Live the ’80s One More Time July 13, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

I have read opinions of those who say the LA Times should cut back on entertainment coverage and try to be a great, local SoCal news source. (I can’t find a reference to this via conventional search, though I swear I saw one recently. Any suggestions?)

Anyway. To them I say: Fie! Outside of Variety, nobody does it better. Wallow in this section on ’80s entertainment. It gives me the excuse — do I really need one? — to steal this photo. Can you name all the original MTV VJs?:


BTW, my Dad still thinks I actually have some cred as a music analyst because I saw a live show, and predicted stardom for, the Go-Go’s before they broke nationally. He’s a generous man. (I actually made better calls: U2, and INXS — you could look it up in the Brandeis Justice archives. I blew it on Split Enz, though they were a minor MTV hit.)

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