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Nuke Fox Atomic Dot Com, Now July 19, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Attention News Corp., kill this idea quickly, before you blow serious money on it. If you must build out a young-adult-oriented movie-focused entertainment site, make it a MySpace channel, not the vanity project of your barely there yet studio, Fox Atomic. This is not a good idea. Aside from Disney and a very few others, movie studios have no brand recognition (outside of individual titles), and running an entertainment site — and getting an actual audience to visit it — is a full-time job.

Eight movies a year does not equal a “platform that’s 24-7”. An entertainment site would absolutely have to support movies from other studios, not “possibly” do so. If you need proof that a studio branded entertainment site is a bad strategy, consider this. Sony actively tries to drive traffic to its own movie sites under the Sony brand at a central Sony site. Disney and New Line do not.

    Now executives at News Corp.’s newly unveiled, youth-oriented film label, Fox Atomic, are hoping to build a more-lasting online relationship with young moviegoers. To boost the label’s movies, which will be geared entirely toward 17-to-24-year-olds, the company has developed a multifaceted Web site, foxatomic.com, that will feature not only promotions for Fox Atomic films but also written content and short-form video about a variety of other topics — possibly even including films from other studios.
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