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Not the Only Steve with a Reality Distortion Field July 31, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

I love Steve Perlman. He’s got the charm on top of his geek-cred that Rob Glaser’s never been able to pull off. Perlman’s charmed both the Times and the Journal into heavy coverage of his latest motion-capture technology play. But how is “Contour” different than the current state of the art?

    “Steve is really on to something here,” said Ed Ulbrich, vice president of Digital Domain, a Hollywood special-effects company in Venice, Calif. “The holy grail of digital effects is to be able to create a photorealistic human being…”

    “…It’s been used in stunts and big special-effects scenes,” Mr. Ulbrich said. “Now you can use it for two actors sitting at a table and talking. You have the ability to tell stories and have close-up scenes that make you laugh and cry.”

Two actors, sitting at a table. Wow.

Of course, MSM is in good company. Perlman’s resume includes General Magic, and he sold WebTV to Microsoft for over $400 million. Now, that’s charm.

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