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E-mail from the Chairman: You’re Free! August 2, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

I got my AOL e-mail from the chairman just after 3.30PM. I guess they’re really serious. I have to call up a human being to stop paying, of course. But they assure me I can do so.

From the FAQ the mail linked to:

7. When Can I Get AOL for Free?

If you already have an alternative way to connect to the internet, either by dial-up or broadband, you can move to the free AOL plan and continue to access your AOL e-mail, software, and security features. To change your current AOL plan, simply call Member Services at 1-800-984-6207.

8. Does This Mean I Can Stop Paying for AOL?

That depends. You can choose the free AOL option and stop paying for Internet access and Customer Support from AOL if you have another way to get online. Once you’re online, you can continue to use AOL’s software, email and security features at no charge. We will, however, continue to offer dial-up and high-speed (cable or DSL) plans for those who need a connection to the Internet and Customer Support.

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