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Punning Your Way to Thought Leadership August 7, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Much as I grimace at the great-slash-awful term “clique through,” it’s great to see a pal continue on his thought-leadership course. This is brilliant. Bookmark or RSS Gary Stein’s blog now. (After you’ve done the same with Emily’s, of course.) Then check out some of Jupiter’s social marketing research.

On a somewhat related note, I read former Y&R exec James Othmer’s novel The Futurist this weekend, because, well, I sorta had to now, didn’t I? (Heck, I’ve actually read Faith Popcorn’s books.) I wish I could recommend it. The first 25 pages — which, apparently, constituted a short story that Othmer expanded into the novel — are very funny, and insightful (and scarily true and damning). But it’s kinda like one of those SNL skits that gets stretched into a movie.

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