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Fun With Numbers, Part XIX August 9, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

I thought this one had been put to rest, but in a Businessweek story datelined today, the lead graf includes the following: “the agreement ties Google with MySpace, which surpassed Yahoo mail last month as the most visited destination on the Internet, according to market research firm Hitwise.” Please. Regular readers know I’m a huge fan of MySpace, whose growth and usage is phenomenal, and who has almost certainly eliminated any “flavor of the month” fears. But Yahoo is clearly the top media company online, by all the important measures.

According to comScore Media Metrix, in recent months Yahoo is number one in US reach (with over twice MySpace’s monthly unique visitors), total time spent online (four times MySpace’s minutes), and page views (here, only about 20% bigger than MySpace). And don’t forget AOL and MSN, who each lead MySpace by considerable margins in the first two categories, while trailing it in page views.

Don’t get me wrong. Jupiter regularly uses Hitwise data. Hitwise is great for being able to do daily and weekly tallies, for lots of search-related info like terms and referrers, and for data on smaller sites. But we all know that data can be dangerous, and best used under adult supervision.

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