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It’s Thursday, So it Must Be Time to Puzzle Over the Times’ Arts Coverage August 24, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Manohla Dargis never met a mind-numbingly lefty “cause” she didn’t espouse in the course of a movie review.

    Directed by Bob Dolman, who also wrote the fine adaptation, “How to Eat Fried Worms” is an easygoing entertainment in which a sensible message about growing up also rationalizes the abuse of power. However lightly played, this is, after all, a film in which children learn to stand up for themselves, and for one another, by killing animals.

    Yeah, yeah, we’re talking worms, sure. But the lesson remains the same, whether it’s an invertebrate squirming on the grill or a puppy. On the page Mr. Rockwell’s humor produces hoots. (“Tomorrow I’ll roll the crawler in cornmeal and fry it. Like a trout.”) But transposed to the big screen, yuck! No worms may have been harmed in the making of this film, but it’s unlikely the under-age audience will care.

    (“How to Eat Fried Worms” is rated PG (Parental guidance suggested). There is some talk about poop and lots of cooked worms.)

I dunno, is anybody else completely baffled by this no irony, totally ironic, it’s a good movie for kids, but they kill worms, baloney? I’m missing Elvis Mitchell, big time. I mean, come on, the book was written in 1973 — it must have been hippie friendly…

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