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Social Marketing, Social Networking, Community, Consumer-Created Content: Pick Your Buzzword, We’ve Got it Covered August 29, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Organic’s Mark Kingdon places YouTube squarely at the center of two hot trends — online video and social media — and talks about how to ride these waves. Notice how he calls YouTube “community, or social networking.” I’ll make the obvious ironic observation that the two rockstars of “social networking,” MySpace and YouTube, don’t actually make much use of the linked profiles or what you might think of as the six degrees of separation “trust” network that characterizes Friendster and LinkedIn, the original two poster children for the concept. That supports what Jupiter — Nate Elliott most loudly — has been saying for years: that is, that social networking is a feature, not a product.

That’s why we call it social media, and are launching a dedicated Social Marketing coverage area with new surveys, forecasts, and analysis that will help Jupiter clients determine how best to use the social media phenomenon for marketing and advertising. Feel the hype. Embrace it.

Nate has foolishly fallen off leapt off, and is trying to spike the axle of the MySpace bandwagon, but regular readers know that I have not. I’m finishing up a report for Online Media & Programming that, among other things, will assess MySpace’s chances of evolving into a youth portal.

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