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Nobody (Under 50) Watches Network Nightly News Anyway August 30, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

You know what? Honestly? I hope Katie Couric kicks his smug, bronzed @ss.

    (NBC anchor Brian) Williams reached the end of the session and stood to leave. He pointed at the Peabody. His publicist hefted it for a better view. Go ahead, touch it, Mr. Williams insisted. The trophy was a rich bronze color, smooth and solid.

Katie’s got a Peabody, too. And at least CBS is trying something new. That is, besides hiring a warm, popular woman as anchor.

    CBS has also added a final segment to its broadcast called Free Speech, during which a different guest each night will sound off on a topic of his or her choosing. Im not keen on a whole lot of talk and commentary, because Id have to kill a news piece out of my lineup to make room for it, Mr. Williams said. If I thought there was a shortage of talking and opinion out there these days, he added, making a yammer-yammer motion with his hands, Id be a lot more prone to put in a regular commentary section at Nightly.
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