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“Debunking the Myth of the Cross-Media Megalith.” Say What? September 6, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Once again, gotta disagree with a colleague. This so confirms Bertelsmann is scaling back its aspirations to be a Big Media Conglomerate (e.g., Time Warner, Disney, NBC-Uni, Sony. Viacom is currently fuc-, er, screwing itself). Mark, the online guys are desperately trying to go multi-media. The smart conglomerates still see value in synergy. Remember the media mantra:

– One brand
– One customer base
– All media

Conglomerates that can execute cross-media and cross-brand and cross-audience promotion across their category-killer brands will freakin’ rule. Just because a conglomerate royally screws up the execution — no names re-mentioned here — doesn’t mean the strategery is flawed.

Maybe you Europeans, who haven’t had an empire since Victoria, should set your sights lower. But kick-@ss US and Japanese companies should motor on.

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