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News Corp. to Buy Jamba September 12, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Huh. Well, I like News Corp. aggressively going mobile, and continuing to go “youth,” but aren’t ring tones, like, so 2004?

    News Corp. announced today the $187.5 million purchase of 51% of VeriSign Inc.’s ringtone-sales unit, Jamba, in a push to expand its mobile-content sales. News Corp. will merge Jamba with its Mobizzo unit, which sells short video clips called “mobisodes” from Fox TV shows such as “24,” as well as other mobile content. News Corp.’s top mobile-entertainment executive, Lucy Hood, will become chief executive of the merged company, which will keep the Jamba name.

And while I associate a lot of things with the Fox brand, I’m not sure it’s this:

    “What we bring to the party is a relentless and religious focus on the consumer,” (News Corp. prez Peter) Chernin said.
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