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The Dark Secrets of MySpace September 16, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Zzzzzz. Nothing really new here. But a charmingly naive conspiratorial interpretation. A poster called “wireless” refutes the “it isn’t really viral” argument, and Nick Denton has a thoughtful post right below.

    If only Friendster, Yahoo 360, MSN Spaces or Orkut how the marketing firepower of eUniverse this MySpace plague would not be infecting our youth. But alas, without the Cupidjunction marketing juggernaut they could never have hoped to compete.

Heck, the expose doesn’t even mention that before the News Corp. acquisition, most of MySpace parent Intermix Media’s business was in nutraceutical multilevel marketing. Who knows, perhaps it still is? Some reasons why MySpace is working.

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