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Amazon Showtimes Promo: Still a Work in Progress September 21, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

I got an email from Amazon yesterday with a recommendation for a movie. Not a DVD, mind you, but a movie opening this weekend. Cool. It was a good recommendation: I probably will see the movie, and it was a clever pitch:

    As someone who has purchased war movies on DVD, we thought you’d like to know that Flyboys, the first World War I aviation film in over 30 years, opens in theaters on Friday, September 22.

The e-mail linked to the Flyboys site, and to a special promo page at Amazon. The page had a trailer (hosted by Seattle neighbor ScreenPlay Inc.) and lots of good info from the indispensable IMDB, which Amazon owns.

However, clicking on “movie showtimes” produces an empty search result. I can enter my zip code and get another email, but why can’t I just get a result? (AOL Moviefone has tomorrow’s schedules.) Oh, and Amazon should take a very well-educated guess at my zip code, not leave the slot blank. And Wednesday might be a bit early for the coming weekend. If I signed up for the email notification, it said I’d get my local listings Friday.

But all in all, a promising debut.

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