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Missing the Point October 5, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Wotta surprise. Mossberg likes an Apple product better. True, he nails some glitches in the Real Rhapsody-SanDisk combo. But he acts like he’s reviewing a device, not a device plus service. From the review, it seems he barely touched Rhapsody. Hardly tapping into what it — or any subscription service, for that matter — delivers.

Hey, I think the iPod’s still the cream of the crop, but it doesn’t support subsciption services. They deliver a totally different experience than just having a cool device that plays your collection. Not:

    For people who don’t want to choose their own music, or who value discovering new artists over hearing familiar ones, the Sansa Rhapsody may be just the ticket. For those who place a higher value on personal choice, the iPod is better.
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