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Rupert Reads the Post, Scans Journal, Times October 6, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Time interviews the smartest man in media:

    How do you consume news every day? What’s the first thing that you read or watch or look at in the morning?

    I read the New York Post whether at work or at breakfast. I will then look at the Wall Street Journal. Not much more than the front page and then the editorial page. Then the New York Times, about the same. That’s about it. I scan the business pages to see if there’s something in the New York Times that’s not in the Post or the Wall Street Journal. Then sometimes during the day I get a chance to read special things in the papers from London. And I check our Web sites for half an hour at most.

    You depend on newspapers?

    Well, I’m 75 years old.

    What do you still get out of them that you can’t get from other media?

    The danger we’re seeing at the moment is that people are zeroing in on only a few subjects, whereas if you pick up a good general newspaper, you read a lot of things you don’t expect to read, much of which are important, and make life more interesting.

That last bit is so, so true. I’ve probably quoted too much already, but when asked if MySpace is the future of News Corp., Murdoch says, “Maybe.”

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