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New AOL Search Shows How to Add Value to Google October 24, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Today seems to be search day for me. (And I barely qualify as a search analyst.) If you want to see how to add value to Google search, check out AOL’s newest implementation. Lots of contextually cued results, drawn from AOL sources as well as the Web. Powered by Google, Singingfish, Truveo, and Shopzilla. Very nice. Try “Marie Antoinette,” you’ll get movie info and trailer from moviefone, videos, and images. “Madonna” gets artist bio, videos official and less so (YouTube results a little buried – grrrr), news, etc., all labeled and “federated” in the right hand column.

And if you have the option turned on, as you type a query it solves Google’s “apple” problem. (You know, front page results only on Apple Computer and iPod, no fruit or pie.) AOl does this by offering suggestions in various contexts in a pull-down menu as you type, like Google Suggest — still in beta — though with seemingly different results, or at least different sorting.

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