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Random Thoughts While Watching Network Teevee October 30, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Friday Night Lights:


Yeah, the football scenes are cliche’d sports stories, and I could do with less of the crippled ath-a-lete plotline (tho the fact his girlfriend’s sleeping with his best bud, but not for romance, even tho that’s what he wants…is cool in a great soap operatic way). But the rest is just really, really good teevee. And fairly authentic, unpatronizing portrayals of working-class Texans, too. Heck, some of them are even religious. Whoulda thunk liberal media NBC could do that? Oh, and it’ll probably be canceled, so watch it while you can.

TV advertising:

Wow, it’s untargeted. Target (that looks like an M&Ms ad), then drugs for geezers, then Wal-Mart, then acne, then cars, then Claritan aren’t we good that we didn’t change the secret sauce so you still need a prescription, etc. etc. This is during a show at 10PM that should be on the CW (on teens night).

Wow, those untargeted ads are well-produced. They all have uniformly high production values — cinematography, editing, even acting. Way better than most shows. What a colossal waste.

Now I’ll go back and finish the ep of Galactica (…best…show…on cable) I had to download from iTunes because I’m, er, between providers.

Waiting for 24….

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