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Why Things Stay the Same November 3, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Wotta surprise!

    Nielsen Media Research indefinitely postponed release of its much-anticipated commercial-ratings data, citing the need for additional discussion with various TV networks over what the ratings should count.

Shock number Two!

    But, even with those deals in place, YouTube executives are finding it a slog to get all of the necessary permissions to license the songs and shows users are putting on its site. Most of YouTube Inc.’s agreements with record labels don’t address royalties for music publishers, who control the copyrights to the words and music underlying the recordings. YouTube or its partners must locate parties ranging from studios to actors, and from music composers to the owners of venues, and get them to sign off.

Welcome to new media, it’s the same as old media. Is it any wonder things take so long to change?

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