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Now That’s Some Personal Technology November 14, 2006

Posted by David Card in Digital Home & Personal Tech.

David Schatsky and I have a running debate about product development and R&D in consumer products. To you skeptics, I say, “Who says there’s no R&D in consumer products?”

<uLThe blow-up figures represent a rare breakthrough in the cutthroat world of holiday decorations — “the only new development since icicle lights” eight years ago, says Pam Danziger, an expert on consumer behavior and the author of books including “Why People Buy Things They Don’t Need.”

According to the story, the same company has a previous hit. “Inflatables are a direct descendant of the Big Mouth Billy Bass, a novelty ornament mounted on a plaque that Gemmy created seven years ago. The trophy fish turned its head and sang “Take Me to the River” and “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.””

And for readers who don’t stray far from Manhattan, Los Angeles, or Silicon Valley I can say, as one who spends his holidays in Williamsburg, Virginia and Charlotte, North Carolina, oh yes, inflatable Christmas figures are big. Billy Bass also plays well in those climes.

And those inflatables are way nicer than the 12′ scab rat currently outside our offices. (It’s the contractors working on the bricks — and there’s no picket line to cross….)

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