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New Chief at AOL November 16, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

This strikes me as a little odd. While a broadcast TV network is a fair analogy of the role of an ad-driven online portal, it’s only an analogy. That Falco is a Time Warner outsider could go either way in the land of the many fiefdoms. That he has almost no online experience seems unnecessary at this stage of Internet media. If he really has deep advertising ties, that’s very very good. (I don’t know him.) From the Journal:

    In its effort to remake its AOL unit into an ad-driven Internet business, Time Warner Inc. named Randy Falco, a top executive at General Electric Co.’s NBC, to become the primary driver of that push.

    The early success of AOL’s recent strategy shift has made it easier to attract someone of Mr. Falco’s caliber to the online business, company insiders say. Mr. Falco, 52 years old, will succeed AOL Chief Executive Jonathan Miller, 50. Mr. Miller, who is leaving the company, had run AOL for more than four years, overseeing its rocky relationship with Time Warner and guiding the AOL ship through a period of upheaval in the rapidly changing digital world.


The Journal also says Joanne Bradford is going to take over MSN. That’s a much easier connection to make, and would be a good move. Of course, who knows what MSN wants to be today?

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