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Not Quite Sure This Is What They Meant by Convergence December 6, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Cruising Iwantmedia and my email newsletters between calls, I come across some fun internetz-TV intersection stuff. TV Week reports that Fox Networks Group President Tony Vinciquerra sounds a little Rummy-like on what the heck to do with digital:

    Right now, “what we’re trying to do is be very clear about something that is not clear. We really don’t know what the consumer really wants,” he said.

This isn’t as silly as it might sound. He’s correct to experiment — a lot of the new channels and consumption modes for filmed entertainment are far from settled, and networks and studios should treat them as promotional for the moment. See our report and podcast (also available on iTunes). And this is a nice tidbit:

    He said probably 40 percent of the ad deals in the Fox cable properties he oversees have some digital component, and that that money is coming less from advertisers’ broadcast budgets than from such columns as promotions.

Meanwhile, there’s more news on cable and broadcast nets broadcasting live, up close and personal coverage of videogame tournaments. Sign me up. (Colleague Joe Laszlo reminds me, only partly tongue-in-cheek, that people watch golf on teevee, too.) And as I read this comment

    “If you’re going to have several shows devoted to plastic surgery, it makes sense you’d have one devoted to video games,” said Alexis Madrigal, an analyst with gaming industry research firm DFC Intelligence.

I’m struck by the thought it makes a perverse kind of sense.

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