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Why Don’t They Just Call it “Jingles R Us” Records? December 15, 2006

Posted by David Card in Media.

Why this story gets Wall St. Journal coverage is a bit beyond me. CBS is going to take 10 people and make a label out of songs it commissions for its shows; iTunes is primary distribution channel. CBS says it’s still going to buy from real artists, too.

    Reviving one of the most famous names in the music business — one that hasn’t been seen in nearly 20 years — CBS Corp. said it is launching a division called CBS Records. But the new venture has more to do with saving money on television production than becoming a music giant…the label will focus on signing singer-songwriters and other “self-contained” acts that can write and record quickly and inexpensively. The label launches with three signings: Singer-songwriters P.J. Olsson and Will Dailey, and a rock band called Seor Happy.

In its defense, CBS says any digital sales will be gravy.

UPDATED: Billboard has better coverage. And I can’t argue with this:

    “Its a unique moment in time,” (Jack) Sussman (executive VP of specials, music and live events for CBS Entertainment) says. “While record labels are shrinking, consolidating and dropping acts, television wants more music integrated in its programming and in a bigger way … In primetime television for one season on CBS, there were 2,200 unique song placements — and that’s not counting daytime or shows that air any other outlets. Digital sales are getting bigger and prime time television is still the best place to sell anything, even music.”
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