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AT&T Faces 3-Screen Advertising Challenges January 5, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Good piece in the Journal outlining AT&T’s challenges as it tries to sell ads in a three-screen world. Ties in nicely with Jupiter themes (and predictions). Our US mobile marketing forecast.

AT&T admits it has no real advertising background:

    It’s no easy task for phone companies — used to operating in a highly regulated environment — to jump into the media world. Attempts by phone companies in the early 1990s to offer TV services went nowhere. AT&T executives acknowledge the learning curve. “We have never aired an ad or trafficked an ad or measured an ad’s effectiveness, all the things you have to do to be in the ad business. And we are building that capability as we speak,” says Scott Helbing, AT&T’s executive vice president of entertainment services.

It hopes to draw on its Yellow Pages experience, which could be very useful in local business services. I think mobile search will be huge — eventually — but I wouldn’t bet a “new” player will get most of the bucks. On the other hand, I could see a new mobile media player coming to the fore…and by “media” I mean programming and ad-selling.

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