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Apple’s iPhone – The UI Is What Moves Me January 9, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Well, that’s probably a world-record for disproving an annual prediction. I can always claim it’s not a big, flat phone, but a skinny little computer.

(photo swiped from Engadget)

The new UI — sitting on top of what appears to be a real live OS X operating system — handles multi-touch gestures (think shrinking a photo image by pinching on the screen). It gives wicked good demo. Even of things like widgets, Safari, Google Maps and Yahoo Mail (free push IMAP, kinda like poor man’s Blackberry, from Yahoo).

I’m not sold on a phone — or music player — with no physical buttons. But the iPhone demos iTunes functionality nicely. Although, is it just me, or does Apple think a click wheel is uncool now? Easy enough to implement on the touch screen. But instead we get contextual, on-screen virtual dedicated buttons for artist and album. (And the way-cool eye candy of CoverFlow from iTunes.) And some TV-friendly simple fonts and titles. Not that that would be a preview or anything.

All music consumption seems about synching and sideloading, too — which is smart — at least initially. Zero mention of over the air downloads, even though it’s Cingular and supports WiFi. Can’t wait to see how Cingular promotes this vis a vis the other music services and devices it’s endorsed. Could be a little complicated.

Stealing a line from Andrew (who wants one), Is that a brown “mock” turtleneck Steve’s wearing? Could that be a nod toward Zune? Even if it isn’t, I suspect quoting Wayne Gretzky is. And I gotta confess, this is the thing everybody will be looking over your shoulder at…

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