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Digital Music — We’re Almost There… January 10, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Me trying to explain, via IM, the foibles of the digital music industry to my soon-to-be 14-year-old niece (who bought her own Shuffle over a year ago, and got a Nano from me this Christmas). She says she’s home sick from school today. I hope I’m not getting her in trouble. (Emphasis added):

[12:51] My Niece: hey i have a question
[13:01] Me: shoot
[13:01] My Niece: ok so i want to get this song but its not on itunes and i tryed everything!
[13:02] Me: just a sec
[13:02] My Niece: k
[13:05] Me: I’m back
[13:05] Me: what’s the song?
[13:05] My Niece: watch me shine its on the soundtrack from legalley blonde
[13:05] Me: ahhhh
[13:05] Me: soundtracks are tricky sometimes
[13:06] My Niece: yah
[13:06] My Niece: the person who does it is joanna pacitti

I do some research.

[13:11] Me: yeah. this is hard. It doesn’t seem to be on any of the other music services either.
[13:11] Me: you might have to buy the whole CD!
[13:11] My Niece: o man
[13:11] My Niece: i just wanted the song

[13:12] My Niece: o thanks the song might be to old cuz it came out in 2001
[13:12] Me: that might be it
[13:12] Me: also, I think other artists have sung it
[13:12] My Niece: o
[13:12] Me: so sometimes that makes it difficult
[13:12] My Niece: yah
[13:13] Me: for the record companies to “clear” the rights for digital downloads
[13:13] Me: that happens on “cover songs” and on compilations like soundtracks a lot
[13:13] Me: oh well
[13:13] Me: You could try to steal it, but I won’t help you do that!
[13:13] Me: hahahahaha

[13:13] My Niece: yah i dont no how do to that so that wont happen
[13:15] My Niece: yah so thats anyway
[13:15] Me: grrr
[13:15] Me: the digital music business isn’t perfect yet
[13:16] My Niece: haha no
[13:16] My Niece: not at all
[13:20] Me: two people who posted comments on iTunes agree with you — they want Watch Me Shine, too
[13:20] My Niece: reall?
[13:20] My Niece: really*
[13:22] Me: yeah. iTunes has one of her singles, and an album called This Crazy Life
[13:23] My Niece: yah i no i looked and its not on there
[13:23] Me: and on the Let It Slide single page, a couple say, this is good, but Watch Me Shine is better
[13:23] My Niece: oo so i wonder y they dont have it then?

[13:24] Me: actually, it’s more like 5-10 people
[13:24] My Niece: yah c…
[13:24] Me: it’s probably hard for the record company that made the soundtrack to get all the rights, because there are different artists (who probably work for different record companies)
[13:25] Me: iTunes might get it eventually
[13:25] My Niece: yah and i prob. wont want it by then

[13:25] Me: probably not
[13:25] Me: oh well
[13:25] My Niece: yah

Oh well.

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