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Fearful Synergy January 19, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Today the top story on the Chicago Tribune’s web page is an amusing piece on how Careerbuilder’s going to fire the chimps in its ad campaign as a teaser to its Super Bowl spot. The lead video (a few moments ago, now it’s third) on the Trib’s front page is one of the spots in the campaign. Not a video story about it, just the commercial itself. As of this writing, the story is the most popular of the last hour.

Regular readers know I’m a staunch defender — the last defender? — of synergy, a big fan of product placement, and generally an ad slut old-media apologist. But Tribune Co. owns Careebuilder, and, though it fesses up to that in the story, this whole thing makes even me a little uncomfortable.

Of course, as I post, the number four most-viewed GooTube clip is a Jeep promo. The kids love the ads!

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