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Never Too Early to Think About SuperBowl TV-Online Strategeries January 23, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Lots of good advice in this ClickZ column by BuzzMetrics’ Pete Blackshaw on sooperbowl strategies. I especially liked the first bullet:

    Lube the tubes. Within seconds of your ad hitting the airways, make sure it’s available on YouTube, Google Video, Revver, iFilm, NFL.com, Heavy.com, and other venues consumers treat as DVR surrogates.

Pete dings Gillette for site shoddiness last year. I thought its paid search strategy made sense at least.

This bit is good, too. (See colleague Emily Riley on influentials, classic and new.)

    Embrace the megaphones. If you aren’t collecting feedback on your coveted ad, your brand is missing a golden opportunity to build a massive database of influencers.
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