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Branded Entertainment Online: Bud.TV February 4, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Tidbits from the Sunday Times Magazine piece on Anheuser-Busch’s online branded entertainment effort, Bud.TV, skedded to launch Monday. Because it’s a 4,500+ word story, I’m going to give you a lot of the meat. But the Times story is a must-read for digital programmers and marketers. According to the story:

– Budget is between $30M and $40M for 2007
– Shows seem to have minimal or zero product placement
– Busch is working with creators like LivePlanet and JibJab, as well as Electronic Arts. There’s mash-up and consumer-created content, but these shows mostly seem to be by the pros. It’s not YouTube
– The story mentions viral pass-along potential, but doesn’t say whether Bud.TV will do embed codes (it absolutely should) or downloads or whatever. It’s supposed to have pretty strict age checking to get in
– Most shows will have one to four-minute episodes, often weekly. The home site aims to have 15 new segments a week
– Shows should cost $6,000 a minute, but some cost over $20,000 a minute. Ouch. That’s not sustainable.
– Object is to get 2-3 million 21-34 year-old UV per month. If traffic’s in the six figure range, it’s a flop.

I don’t think this is Office Pirates. This looks serious.

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